Industrial Fragrance Machine


The most popular client zone perfume system from 10m2 to 400m2. Mobile solution not requiring installation.

  • Convenient scent tank refill 200ml.
  • Adjustable operating hours and power.
  • Small yield of aromatic essence.
  • We provide 12 months warranty.
  • It can be mounted in the recuperative ventilation system.
  • Dimensions: 168x224x86mm • Material: White plastic.
  • Sound level: <30dba • Voltage: 12VDC / Power 4W

When you buy this industrial fragrance machine, you will receive 200 ml of the scent as a gift. Please indicate the name of your chosen scent in the order comment. You can choose the scent: https://shop.aromatic89.com/product/fragrance-refill


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